Welcome to Tallink Tournament 2017

Basketball clubs Espoo Basket Team and Tapiolan Honka welcome you and your team to Espoo in August 2017 to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Tallink Tournament. Registration to the tournament begins on April 19th 2017. As organizers, we want to constantly improve our tournament. We aim to be the Biggest, but even more important, the Best international youth basketball tournament. We want all participating teams to have a great experience.

This year we will have a limit to the amount of participating teams in order to guarantee optimal amount of games during the tournament. Most categories will be limited to either 8 or 16 teams. For the majority of the teams, games will start on Friday.

In case the category you wanted to register in is already full, please continue registration. In case some categories turn out more popular than others, we can adjust the amount of teams.

Tallink Tournament 2017In 2017, age groups 2009 and 2010/2011 will be played 4 against 4. In these age groups there will only be two days of games (Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun).

Age groups 2006 and older play to regular height baskets (3,05 m). Age group 2006 will play with ball size 5.

We welcome all youth basketball players from all over Europe to Espoo on August 25th 2017.


Preliminary group sizes:

MU19 invitational (1999-2001)8
MU19 Fun8
MU16 invitational (2002-2003)8
MU16 Fun8
Boys 2004 invitational8
Boys 200416
Boys 2004 Fun16
Boys 20058
Boys 2005 Fun8
Boys 200616
Boys 2006 Fun16
Boys 20078
Boys 2007 Fun8
Boys 20088
Boys 2008 Fun8
Boys 20098
Boys 2010/20116
WU19 invitational (1999-2001)8
WU19 Fun8
WU16 invitational (2002-2003)8
WU16 Fun16
Girls 2004 invitational8
Girls 200416
Girls 2004 Fun16
Girls 20058
Girls 2005 Fun8
Girls 20068
Girls 2006 Fun8
Girls 20078
Girls 2007 Fun8
Girls 20088
Girls 2008 Fun8
Girls 20098
Girls 2010/20116

Photo credit: Sonja Herrala

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