RULES 2018

Match time

Boys and girls 2000-2006: playing time 2 x 15 with stoppage time
Boys and girls 2007-2010 & Unified: playing time 2 x 12 minutes with stoppage time
Boys and girls 2011-2012: playing time 2 x 10 minutes with stoppage time

Half-time is three (3) minutes. If the game is tied after the second period, the game will continue with an overtime period of three (3) minutes. If the score is still tied after the first overtime period, the match will be settled by “sudden-death”. Possible second overtime period will be started with a jump ball.

Basket height and ball size

  • Boys 2000-2004, basket height 3,05 m, ball size 7
  • Boys 2005-2006, basket height 3,05 m, ball size 6
  • Girls 2000-2006, basket height 3,05 m, ball size 6
  • Boys and girls 2007, basket height 3,05 m, ball size 5
  • Boys and girls 2008-2012, basket height 2,60 m, ball size 5

Other regulations

The number of the players in the protocol is not limited.

A player may participate in only one team within an age group during the tournament.

In age groups 2010 and 2011-2012 games will be played 4 against 4.


Both teams have one (1) time-out / period. In the possible overtime period there will be one (1) time-out / team. Time-outs are non-transferable from one period to another.

Team fouls

Team is in a team foul penalty situation when it has committed 6 team fouls in a period (team foul free throws start from 7th foul).

Team fouls will transfer from the second period to the possible extra-period(s).

Rules concerning defense

Zone defense is only allowed in age groups 2000-2006. In all the other age groups (2007-2012), teams must play man-to-man defense during the entire game.

Protocol, warming up and being late from the game

Electronic match protocol must be confirmed no later than 10 minutes before the start of the game. Teams must be prepared to warm up outside the gym. A team that is late from the start of the game will be judged to lose the game 20-0.


The teams will be classified in the preliminary group according to the total points gathered. A team is awarded two (2) points for each game won, and zero (0) points for each game lost. If there are two or more teams with equal points, the classification will be based on:

1)     Result of the game(s) between the teams involved.

2)     In case of more than two teams with equal points, and with each team with equal number of wins from their mutual games, the classification will be based on the basket differential of the mutual games.

3)     If the basket differential is also even, the classification will be based on the amount of points scored in the mutual games.


Protests are to be left no later than 15 minutes after the end of the match in question to the person responsible at the gym. A protest payment of 50 euros must be paid at that time. There will be no rematches.


Tournament organization has the right to make changes to the match schedule also during the tournament.


Tournament jury consists of Juhani Herrala (+35850 5002107) and Antti Viitanen (+35850 5839953).

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